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Learn the core strategies that the most successful admissions teams use to attract more students and boost enrollments- you've probably never heard of some before but they're actually easy to do!
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Why "Retargeting" Is Extremely Effective In The Eyes of a Prospectful Student and How It Can Lower Your Acquisition Costs Dramatically

The "Dirty Little Secret" About Direct Mail - It Works! Get This Right And You'll Practically Ensure New Students Will Be Coming To You Each and Every Month.

The BLUEPRINT to Running An Effective Direct Mail Campaign --- Instead of Throwing Your Money Away In Traditional Media.  Normally Schools Spend Money on Ads and Have No Idea What's Working and What's Not.  No Longer. Now You Can Master This Media.

Get More Out Of Social Media Without Letting It Consume All of Your Time and Money!

The #1 Mistake Small Schools Make When Thinking About Their Marketing Efforts...

Are You Promoting Your Brand Or Making A Sale? Taking The Right Approach Is A MUST When You Have A Limited Budget.

Learn to Treat Your Admissions Tours As A Process With Specific Steps Aimed At Convincing The Prospect Your School Is Best For Them.

This Is Your Best Chance To Make The Sale!

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